We promote decision making, through teamwork, problem solving, project development, critical thinking and analysis, for a continuous and innovative education.


We offer comprehensive and personalized education, delivered entirely in English. Our 1 to 1 system offers our preschool students:

  • Less than 25 students per classroom.

  • Classroom support from both a teacher and a teacher's assistant.

  • Individual follow-up through home visits, support classes, observations, psychological reports, appointments with parents, tutoring, etc.

  • Introduction to computer-based learning. 

  • Reading Street: a reading system where students develop phonological awareness based on weekly lessons focused on listening, speaking, vocabulary and fluency.

  • Evaluations: intake and monthly reports, semi-annual interviews, development table.

  • Psychopedagogical monitoring.

  • Swimming lessons during school hours.

  • Basketball and soccer workshops.

  • Multimedia programs to facilitate learning.








STREAM is an educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, reading, engineering, the arts, and mathematics as access points to guide research, dialogue, and critical thinking of students. The final results are students who are equipped to take on reflective risks, participate in experiential learning, persist in solving problems, adopt collaboration and work through the creative process.

We embrace and develop your child's full academic potential, and we encourage them to take advantage of all the qualities of their personality.


Students will master the English language, and will practice artistic and athletic skills that allow for a well-rounded development of their abilities.

Your child will receive the attention, care and support that only our

Personal Development Program

can provide.