jr. high

We offer comprehensive and personalized education. Our 1 to 1 system offers our high school students:


  • Classes taught in English, Spanish and French

  • "Student Council"

  • Different student committees for leadership development.

  • Participation in conferences and seminars.

  • Excellent performance in admission exams to national and international high schools.

  • Participation in community service.

  • A unique program for the development of creativity.

  • Psychopedagogical monitoring.

  • Swimming lessons as part of the curricular program.

  • Basketball and soccer workshops.

  • Cultural workshops.

  • Personalized multimedia programs to catalyze and potentiate learning.

  • Electives

Personal Development Program

Through teamwork, problem-solving, project development, critical thinking and analysis, our students learn about the challenges of an interconnected global world, and become aware of the need to care for the environment and their communities. We guide our students to become better leaders and better people who strive to impact and transform their world.


Our trilingual education and our 1 to 1 system supports our students as they advance their artistic, athletic and academic skills.