We offer comprehensive and personalized education.

Our 1 to 1 system offers our elementary students:

  • Classroom instruction and content is delivered primarily in English (80%) with some classes being taught in Spanish (20%).

  • Leveling classes.

  • Semi-annual interviews.

  • Character Counts Values ​​Program.

  • Learning Through Experiences (LTE) Model

  • Education in the Catholic Faith (optional).

  • Pedagogical follow-up.

  • Swimming lessons during school hours.

  • Athletic workshops.

  • Cultural workshops.

  • Personalized multimedia programs to level and catalyze learning.

Personal development program

We provide an education that centers moral values, which teaches students to make responsible decisions.

Your child will develop their full academic potential and will learn to harness their personal qualities.

By encouraging leadership and an innovative mindset, students develop a strong sense of self that allows them to thrive in any social environment, through teamwork and healthy competition.

Your child will master the English language, and will practice artistic and athletic skills that allow for a well-rounded development of their abilities.